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LED colour options

LED signs come in three varieties:

  1. Monochrome

  2. Dichrome

  3. RGB

Monochrome & Dichrome

Monochrome displays usually come in red, blue, or green.

Dichrome displays come in one of the following combinations: red and green; green and blue; blue and red.

Both options are more popular for animated messages.


RGB stands for Red-Green-Blue, the three colours that make up modern digital displays. By altering which colours are lit, and its brightness intensity, the RGB combination can create any colour.

RGB displays allow users to have full-colour, animated messages, photos, or videos. They are generally brighter than monochrome as well. They can be seen clearly in broad daylight, and at night they will be distinctly noticeable on the road. This adds up to more impressions, and more leads walking into your place of business.

Users will need to determine which option will be most effective for them, based on what they are trying to achieve.

Talk to an LED sign professional to help determine which colour option is the way to go for your business.

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