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Electronic Signs

How Electronic Signs Have Revolutionized Illuminated Advertising

If you look at a picture of the downtown of any major city, you'll see that it is full of brightly-lit signs all over the buildings. What may be less obvious is that these signs have changed in a very fundamental way. Instead of being made of neon tubing, separate light bulbs, or even backlit painted panels, they seem to be made of giant TV screens. What's going on?


What has changed is that now, businesses are switching to outdoor electronic signs. Unlike the electric signs of the past, these electronic ones are programmable! They can show logos, but they also easily display images, text, and combinations of both. Even better, they can be changed on the fly just by changing what they are programmed to show. There is no need to get a new sign if your company decides to update its logo, and there's no need to risk injury by going up on a ladder to change letters on an old-fashioned signboard.


Outdoor electronic signs even make it easier for landlords to rent out their commercial spaces – and less expensive for them, too. Promising to include a sign in the lease is a common tactic for downtown landlords, but prior to electronic signs, this actually added significant cost to the deal. Now, a building owner can simply install one electronic sign, and as tenants change, he simply shows the new ones how to program it and that's that. It's no wonder that building owners are switching to these!


Interior electronic signs are just as versatile, so they're favorites of companies that have ever-changing offerings. Movie theaters and restaurants already love them. Adding some to your company will make your business look far more modern, and it'll be easier for you to maintain, too

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