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Why Are Digital Signage Displays Replacing Paper Posters?

There are many reasons that theaters, doctor's offices, and other businesses are switching to digital signage displays and doing away with traditional posters. While old-fashioned printed posters are great as souvenirs or collectibles to those who manage to get them, that is about the only positive thing about them compared to their digital successors. Businesses have long targeted them for elimination, and thanks to the advance of technology, their dreams are coming true.


Businesses don't like paper posters because they get shopworn, cost money to print each time the message changes, get stolen, and can even be printed wrongly from the start. There is also the fact that each time a poster needs to be changed, someone has to stop doing his usual job and go change it. All of these things add up to costs and hassles that companies would rather do without.


With a digital display, every one of these problems is solved. The image on a screen never gets shopworn, and it costs next to nothing to update it to the next message. Even though a worker still takes a bit of time to upload the new data, it is far faster than physically opening a series of display cases to change out papers. If someone makes a typo during the process, it doesn't result in hundreds of useless, but expensive, posters going to the recycler. The sign controller simply uploads the correction, and that's that. Finally, a digital display that is firmly mounted up high and connected to an alarm system is very unlikely to be stolen.


To learn more about why you should be using digital signage displays inside your business, just contact United Digitals in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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