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Digital Signage

Digital Billboards Offer More than Simple Coolness

If you're driving down the street and see some digital billboards, you can't help but look at them. Their bright, always-fresh displays and detailed imagery are just so much better than the standard painted board that they command your attention. If you're asked about them, you may say they're "cool," but to advertisers and billboard companies, this is just the start of what's so great about them.


Digital billboards eliminate much of the hard labor, danger, and ongoing costs that would be associated with ones made of literal wooden board material. Nobody has to go up high above the ground to tear off or repaint obsolete advertising matter, so the risks of worker injury are all but eliminated. The only time anyone has to leave the ground is for the initial installation of the digital signage or to fix storm damage. Once in operation, the ads shown on these electronic signs are programmed in from the ground.


Since there is no painting or plastering involved, there is also no need to buy new supplies every time the board is leased by a new customer. The old customer's data is simply deleted from the computer, and the new one's ads are programmed in.


Needless to say, these factors allow a much faster turnaround time for getting messages up. This allows far more flexibility in leasing times, and makes it possible for companies and other groups to quickly get a message out in response to sudden events. It also lets companies lease a billboard for a long period of time, but change their messages on a regular basis to prevent "advertising blindness." As you can see, digital billboards in Toronto, ON, Canada, aren't just cool. They surpass the old-fashioned ones in every way.

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