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Led Signs

Charge Up Your Branding with LED Signs

LED signage is appearing in cities all over the world, and it's easy to see why it is so popular. It takes messaging far beyond the neon of old, and is much easier to work with than the type of sign that makes messages out of individual light bulbs. Like TV screens, these signs show full-color messages, images, and other material without a problem. This sort of eye-catching display is memorable to all who see it, making it excellent for both branding and advertising specific items or sales.


Stores that add outdoor LED signs report outstanding results for their businesses. Brand awareness is increased by 48 percent, traffic by 33 percent, and sales by 32 percent. With stats like these, it's no wonder that older sign formats are being recognized as obsolete.


There are plenty of options for LED signage for your business. Huge displays can be seen on Times Square in New York City, while smaller ones are popping up all over. Squares and rectangles of all sizes are possible, though of course, most choose signs that are big enough to be easily seen by those who are viewing from the street.


How big your LED signs should be depends on how much information you wish them to convey. If your ads usually take the form of a few simple pictures, then you don't need a huge sign. However, a big sign is best if you want to show a lot of details or a long text string. Finally, if people are driving by your sign instead of walking, you'll need to make your sign big and keep your text short. Otherwise, they'll be past it before they can take in your message.

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